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North American Ed. Dec 2021
Asia/Pacific Ed. 2022
North American Ed. Dec 2022
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Tharp & Young On Ice Cream: An Encyclopedic Guide to Ice Cream Science and Technology

A new reference book in encyclopedia format covering all elements of ice cream technology in a user friendly format and approach. This is NOT a chapter book, but a text matching scientific terms and concepts with the reality of technical need, including extensions into ice cream marketing, economics, and sale.

“ Excellent source of all things ice cream. Very nice! A MUST have!”
… Plant manager, major USA university/teaching creamery.



More information, including how to purchase your own copy, HERE.
Previously Attending Companies

Join more than 500 of the world's finest Ice Cream Manufacturer's and specialist suppliers who have trained with Tharp & Young, including:

AAK SG (Singapore)
ABR Holdings Ltd
ADM Cocoa
Agrana Fruit
Ajinomoto Food Ingredients
Alta Solutions
American Armed Forces Exchange Service
American Fruit & Flavor
“Experience; not just book learning"
Americana Foods
Americo Co., Ltd.
Apollo IC
Appst Chocolate
Arctic Ice Cream
Arla Food Ingredients
Artistic Business Services
Bahrain Danish Dairy
Barber's Ice Cream
Baskin Robbins
Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
Benson Creamery
Beta Consulting Group (Dubai)
Big Olaf Creamery
Binggrae (South Korea)
“Dynamite course - great course materials, really good lectures. Excellent rapport with attendees!”
B.J. Wright Ice Cream
Blue Bell Creameries
Blue Ribbon Artisans
Boulder Ice Cream
Braum’s Ice Cream & Dairy Stores
BSFIL Technologies Inc.
Burger King
Byrne Dairy
Cafe' Classico
Calenda and Iaocci
Cargill - Cocoa
Cargill Flavor Systems
Cargill - Sweeteners
Cargill - Health & Nutrition
Cargill - Corporate Research
Carmen's Best International Dairy Company Inc. (Philippines)
Carvel Ice Cream
Cashew Cow
Casper’s Ice Cream
Celebration Foods
Cerrone Inc.
Chobani, Inc
Chobani Pty Ltd (Australia)
Chr. Hansen Singapore Pte Ltd
Chr. Hansen (Tianjin) Food ingredient Co. Ltd
“Interactive methodolgies by faculty allowed for direct attention to attendee needs"
Ciao Bella
Cold Fusion Gelato
Cold Stone Creamery
ConAgra-Refrigerated Foods
Continental Custom Ingredients (CCI)
Cornell Univ Dairy Plant
Creative Bakers Company, Inc
Creative Ingredients
Crossroad Farms (Kroger)
Crystal Cream and Butter
Curtin University of Technology (Australia)
Cypress Farms
Dairy Fresh (Dean Foods)
Dairy Queen (China)
Dairyworks Ltd
Dave's Ice Cream
David Michael & Co
Dean Foods
Degussa Texurants
Delizia Gelato and Sorbet
Dippin' Dots
Dok-Keaw Restaurants (Thailand)
Donut Star
"Able to learn from every session, every topic. Class size a real benefit."
Dreyers/Edys Grand Ice Cream
Dumser's Ice Cream
Dunkin Brands
Dupont/Danisco Singapore
Dupont Health & Nutrition
Eastern Blends Food Corp.
Eberhard's Dairy
Ecolex Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Edaleen Dairy
Elgin Dairy Foods, Inc
Eskimo Pie
F'real Foods
Faculty of Agro-Industry, KMITL
Ferrands Food Products
Fiorello's Ice Cream
Flavorite Foods
Flavors of North America
FMC China
FMC Singapore
Folsom Italian Ice Cream Co
FONA International
Food Innovation & Resource Centre (Singapore)
Food Specialties
Foothills Creamery
Forbes Chocolate
Foremost Foods
Foster Farms Dairy
Fresca Foods
Friday Harbour Ice Cream
Friendly Ice Cream
Frosty Bite Ltd. (Ghana)
Full House Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Gelato Fiasco
Gelato Messina
Gelaton New York
"Course structured well; allowed for building fundamentals which could be applied later in course and later at work"
Gertrude Hawke Ingredients
Ginger's Ice Cream
Givaudan India Pvt Ltd
Givaudan SIngapore Pte Ltd
GNT Singapore Pte Ltd
Golden Rich Dairy
Good Humor-Breyers
Goodnoe Farms
Gordon's Fine Desserts
Gourmet Italian Ices
Graeter's Ice Cream
Grain Processing Corp
Gram Equipment
Gram Equipment A/S (Indonesia)
Green Rabbit LLC
GT Japan (Maeda-En)
Guernsey Bel
Gum Products Int'l
H. Chow Enterprises
Haagen Daz
Hakuna Banana Ice Cream
HEB Grocery Company
HEB Ice Cream
Helados Dass S.A.
Helados Gelatos
Helados Ventalini
High Road Ice Cream
Hiland Roberts, I.C.
Hilmar Ingredients
Hoch Family Creamery
Holly's Ice Cream
House of Flavors
"Valued in-depth coverage of ice cream composition and marketing."
Ice Cream Partners USA
i-Cream Solutions Co., Ltd.
Ici Ice Cream
Imuraya USA Inc
Ingredion Singapore Pte Ltd
International Dairy Ingredients
Int’l Dairy Queen Companies
International Dairy Queen (Singapore)
Int'l Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)
International Flavors and Fragrances (Singapore)
Jaback Group
Jack Frost Ventures
Jackson Ice Cream
Jerry's Food Emporium
Jon Denaire Desserts
Kent Precision Foods Group
Kerry Asia Pacific
Kerry Flavors
Kerry Ingredients
KH Robert PTE
Kicks Ice Cream
Kienst & Kratschmer Ltda (Kraki)
Kingston Beverage & Creamery Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
Knowledge Bank
Kohler Mix (Dean Foods)
L&L Ice Cream
La Brisa Ice Cream
Lakeside Concessions
Lees Ice Cream
Lighthouse IC
Live Sweeter
Local Ice
Lochmead Dairy
Los Altos Food Products
Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss
M2 Group
Malaysian Palm Board
Marianne's Ice Cream LLC
Masterfoods USA (M&M Mars)
Matterhorn Ice Cream
Maui Soda & Ice
"Liked the manual. Full of valuable information - great reference piece."
Mayfield Dairy
McConnell's Ice Cream
Meadow Gold Dairies
Meadow Gold Dairy
Meadowdale Dairy
Melody Farms
Miami Shakes and Cakes
Milk and Honey Group Pte Ltd
Minor Dairy Limited
Mitchell's Ice Cream
Mom's Devine Creamery
Monica Products
Monkey Foods
Monotreme Designs
Morningstar Foods
Mr. Tasty IC
Mundella Foods Pty Ltd
Nanyang Polytechnic
Napa Valley Ice Cream
Nassau Dairy Products
National Food Labs (NFL)
Nestle Dreyers Ice Cream
Nestle Ice Cream
New Zealand Milk Products
Newcow USA
Norco Foods (Lismore)
Norse Dairy Systems
North Carolina A&T University
NW Naturals
Oberweis Dairy
Old Meeting House Ice Cream
Oleon (Asia - Pacific) Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Olino's Bakery
Oregon Cherry Growers
Oregon Ice Cream
Palsgaard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Palsgaard Mexico
Palsgaard USA
Paradis Consulting
Pastry Chef Yee
Pearson Creamery
Pecan Deluxe Candy
Perfect Companion Group Co.,Ltd (Thailand)
Pieches Ice Cream & Yogurt
Penford Ingredients
Perry's Ice Cream
"Great control of class discussions. Great course with good faculty-attendee and attendee-attendee interaction."
Peter's Chocolate (Nestle)
Picole Health Ice Pops
PLM Operations LLC
Prairie West Ice Cream
Precision Foods
Prentice Consulting
Profile Food Ingredients
PT IMCD Indonesia
PT Indolakto (Ice Cream Plant) (Indonesia)
Publix Super Markets
Purity Dairies
Quality Chk'ed Dairy Systems
Quest International
Rainbow Tropic
Ramar Foods International
Ravenswood Australia
Republic Polytechnical College
Ribor Creamery
Richmond Baking Co
Rite Aid
Roselini Ice Cream
Royal Milch
Ruby Jewels Ice Cream
SA Pops
Safeway Stores
Saha Neo Food and Oil
Saiyo Int'l
Sam's IC Cakes
San Francisco Food Supply
Savona SA
Scott's Brothers Dairy
Shoch, Lin & Bok
Schoep's Ice Cream
Selchert Ice Cream
Sensient Flavors
Sensory Effects
Severah's Natural Fruit IC
Shade Foods
Shady Glen Inc.
Shatto Dairy
Silky Smooth MicroCreamery
Sime Darby Plantation (Malaysia)
Sime Darby Research Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
Simi Dairies
Simple Foods Inc
Simple X Coffee Sdn Bhd
Singapore Institute of Technology
SKW Fruit Products
SKW Natural Products
Smith Dairies
Socious Ingredients
Solazyme (Roquette Nutritionals)
Sonny's Ice Cream
Sour Sally Ice Cream
Southern Ice Cream Specialties (Kroger)
SPI Polyols
Spring Ice Cream
Springdale Creamery (Kroger)
"Organization and flow of course was great."
Star Kay White
Stewarts Processing Co.
SuperStore Industries
Suiza Foods
Super Bean Int'l
Super Brands (Winn Dixie)
Svaneke Ice Cream (Denmark)
Sweet Ovations
Sweet Science
Sylvan Beach Ice Cream
Syarikat Matterhorn Foods
Taylor Company
Taylor Freezer
Taylor Homemade Ice Cream
Taylor's Ice Cream
Tea Cottage Ice Cream, LLC
Temasek Polytechnic Institute
Tetra Pak Hoyer
The Dessert Mafia
The Gelato Fiasco
The Ohio State University
The New Barn
Thrifty Ice Cream
TIC Gums
Tillamook County Creamery
Tiller Foods (Insta-Whip)
Tito's Ice Cream
Topco Associates
TR Consulting
Transcold Distribution
Trauth Dairy
Tuckers Ice Cream
Udder PTE
Unilever Ice Cream
Union De Past. De Juarez
Univ. Nebraska Creamery
Univ Wiscsonsin River Falls Dairy Plant
United Dairy Farmers
Universal Flavors
"Highly recommended, would like to attend every year!"
Upstate Farms
Upstate (NY) Dairy Cooperative
Utah State Univ. Creamery
Van Labs
Velvet Ice Cream
Villa Dolce
Virginia Dare
Washington State Univ. Dairy
WCB Ice Cream
Wells' Dairy
Wells' Enterprises
Wellspring Inc
West Farm Foods
Wild Flavors
Yarnell Ice Cream
YoCream Int’l
Young's Dairy
Z-Trim Ingredients
Zangrandi IC

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