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North American Ed. Nov 2023
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Asia/Pacific Ed. 2023
North American Ed. Dec 2024
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"Brought discussion and observations from different directions...R&D, production, QA, suppliers."

Custom / On Site Programs

Cannot make a regularly scheduled T&Y Program?

Proposals for on site presentations and/or customized forms of THARP & YOUNG "ON ICE CREAM" are available at no cost and without obligation.

One-day, two-day, three-day, or longer programs are available.

"Valued in-depth coverage of ice cream composition and marketing."
Good review and coverage of cost reduction, formulations."
Proposals include objectives, approaches (seminars, workshops, training sessions, etc.), program outline, timing, and cost considerations. Programs are modified to match specific technical and non-technical
objectives and personnel needs.

Additional training at multiple locations
(e.g., meeting locations, manufacturing plants,
etc.) is also possible.

Fill out the form on the contact page and be sure to reference ON SITE or CUSTOMIZED programs.

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