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Tharp & Young "On Ice Cream"
North American Ed. Dec 2021
Asia/Pacific Ed. 2022
North American Ed. Dec 2022
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Over 80% of all attendees thought the level of the course was “just right"

Over 65% of all attendees thought the length of the course (3 days) was “just right”


Past Course Evaluations

Attendees Course Evaluation:
Based on a 5 point scale: 5=agree to 1=disagree

Content was consistent with course description   4.8
Objectives were clearly stated   4.7
Course objectives met   4.6
Provided balance between theory and practice   4.2
Relevant to needs of attendees   4.1
Manual valuable reference tool   4.7
Interaction with other participants was valuable   4.7
Format was constructive, informative, stimulated discussion   4.6
Would recommend to others   4.7

Attendees Faculty Evaluation:
Based on a 5 point scale: 5=agree to 1=disagree

Preparation/Organization   4.9
Understanding of Topics   5.0
Style & Delivery   4.7
Content of Presentations  


Stimulated Interest   4.7
Responsive   4.9
Audio/Visuals   4.8
Overall   4.8

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