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North American Ed. Dec 2021
Asia/Pacific Ed. 2022
North American Ed. Dec 2022
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"Good content, good presentations and moderators, good class participation ... would recommend to others."

Tharp & Young On Ice Cream: An Encyclopedic Guide to Ice Cream Science and Technology

A new reference book in encyclopedia format covering all elements of ice cream technology in a user friendly format and approach. This is NOT a chapter book, but a text matching scientific terms and concepts with the reality of technical need, including extensions into ice cream marketing, economics, and sale.

“ Excellent source of all things ice cream. Very nice! A MUST have!”
… Plant manager, major USA university/teaching creamery.



More information, including how to purchase your own copy, HERE.

Attendee Testimonials

" Yes, one of the best courses I have ever attended."

"Experience sharing; amazing speakers; would highly recommend to others"

"Course structured well; allowed for building fundamentals which could be applied later in course and later at work"

"Great program"

"Valuable and relevant"

"Interactive methodologies by faculty allowed for direct attention to attendee needs"

" All questions answered; all responses easy to understand..amazing!"

"Experience; not just book learning"

"...enjoyed the class..easy to follow, engaging and knowledgeable faculty..."

"Dynamic "real life" questions and answers"

"Well run. Would send others."

"Made materials easy to understand through knowledge, expertise, and explanations."

"Appreciate the depth of knowledge of both Bruce and Steve."

"Brought discussion and observations from different directions...R&D, production, QA, suppliers."

"Would highly recommend to colleagues and others."

""The level of detail was a real strength"

"Good overall picture on how to manage ice cream"

"Great course! Never thought I would learn so much to apply to my career and business!!"

"Great refresher!"

"Enjoyed the course. Exceeded expectations!"

"Great class; good show!"

"The book (manual) is a great resource!"

“Steve (Young) and Bruce (Tharp) show a broad range of knowledge and experience. I’m not sure there is much room for improvement.”

“Rotation of speakers and organization of topics kept discussion and tempo stimulating. Not boring.”

“Manual was comprehensive and a real strength.”

“Their (Tharp & Young) experience provided students with answers to all types of questions.”

“Course was extremely well organized.”

“Learned how and why things occur in an ice cream production setting. Can now deduce ways to correct in-plant problems.”

“Good clear explanation of material.”

“ You (Tharp & Young) have given me the expertise and information I need to produce the type of ice cream I want. Well done!”

" (The course) Hit every area I needed to improve my job performance."

"Great class. Very informative. Would recommend to others."

“Very valuable information. Obvious that instructors are experts in the field.”

"I don't think there were any weaknesses! I wouldn't change a thing."

"Something pertinent for everyone in ice cream & related industries."

"Presentations were down to earth with periods of humor by both Bruce and Steve. A real strength to aid learning."

"I really enjoyed this course. There was a good amount of information in the right amount of detail."

"Very well done....covered a ton of information in a practical and informative format."

“Very good course. Learned a lot. Highly recommended.”

"Incredible commercial experience of Tharp & Young a plus."

"Interacting with Bruce and Steve was a strength."

"Highly recommended, would like to attend every year!"

"Course directly related to work and practical application."

"Very informative. Tharp & Young On Ice Cream is Tharp & Young for better ice cream!"

"Both lecturers (Bruce and Steve) were very knowledgable and talented. They complemented each other well."

"Good balance and interaction between instructors."

"Thanks (to Bruce and Steve) for sharing your knowledge."

"Gave the broad overview I was looking for as well as great specifics related to the process to make ice cream."

"Organization and flow of course was great."

" Thanks for the informative and interesting course. The interest level (Tharp and Young) exhibited made it fun and worthwhile."

"Experience of Steve & Bruce showed"

"Very Informative, Excellent."

"Content of the course and collective knowledge of the instructors was very impressive."

"Comfortable atmosphere. Great rapport with attendees."

"Able to learn from every session, every topic. Class size a real benefit."

"Valued in-depth coverage of ice cream composition and marketing."

"Good review and coverage of cost reduction, formulations."

"Great control of class discussions. Great course with good faculty-attendee and attendee-attendee interaction."

"Both (Bruce and Steve) did a great job!! A lot of time went into the creation of the course manual."

"Liked the manual. Full of valuable information--great reference piece."

"Great energy throughout program. Could really feel the enthusiasm of faculty. Keeps you interested."

"Good clinic demonstrations."

"Good content, good presentations and moderators, good class participation ... would recommend to others."

"Participant interaction was really great. I plan to use the manual in the future."

"Enjoyed the course. Left energized."

"Background and experience of teachers was a plus."

"Lecturers made time to speak with each of us individually."

"Tharp and Young complement each other very well."

"Tremendous experience shared professionally; friendly,open, relaxed atmosphere..very informative overall, excellent."

"Enthusiasm of the teachers is commended ... did not falter throughout."

"Good clinics and workshops added to more interaction - case studies and sampling a plus."

" Great job! I enjoyed every minute and learned a lot."

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