2023 North American Edition, 3 day course, Nov 29 - Dec 1, Las Vegas, NV
2023 Asia Pacific Edition; June 5 - 9, Singapore
2024 North American Edition, 3 day course, Dec 4 - 6, Las Vegas, NV
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Tharp & Young On Ice Cream: An Encyclopedic Guide to Ice Cream Science and Technology

Tharp & Young On Ice Cream: An Encyclopedic Guide to Ice Cream Science and Technology

A new reference book in encyclopedia format covering all elements of ice cream technology in a user friendly format and approach. This is NOT a chapter book, but a text matching scientific terms and concepts with the reality of technical need, including extensions into ice cream marketing, economics, and sale.

“ Excellent source of all things ice cream. Very nice! A MUST have!”
… Plant manager, major USA university/teaching creamery.



"This book is so much more than the title would suggest."
Book Review (.pdf), reproduced with permission of Food New Zealand, journal of the NZ Institute of Food Science & Technology (NZIFST)
THARP & YOUNG "On Ice Cream"
A Presentation of
Steven Young Worldwide &
Wm Sipple Global Services

THARP & YOUNG "On Ice Cream" is a series of technical short courses, product clinics, and formulation and case study workshops that focus on current and emerging ice cream and related frozen dessert technologies. Practical aspects of formulation and manufacturing are stressed. Over 75 years of combined experience are leveraged. The North American course is conveniently scheduled across three days in November or December each year.

Our Faculty Members

Presented by Dr. Steven Young (right), Steven Young Worldwide, Houston, TX,
and Mr Bill Sipple, Wm Sipple Global Technical Services, Stilwell, KS,
"On Ice Cream" covers all aspects of ice cream technology from ingredient selection and functionality to production, flavoring, quality assurance, and safety management. Both technical and non-technical aspects are covered.

In Memorium: Bruce Tharp (1929-2019) good quote from Bruce...

For the most part, people in the ice cream business are incredibly nice;
if you're a grouch, you need to be working in a cough syrup factory.

Tharpe and Young Ice Cream Course Ad

Formulating in ever-changing, challenging regulatory
Market Updates/Insights
Ingredient Function/Selection
Elements of Structure/Properties
Mix Processing/Freezing/Hardening
Flavors, Colors, Inclusions
Economics: Managing/Avoiding/Reducing Costs
Sensory Evaluation Techniques
Quality Assurance/Food Safety
Commercial Product Clinic
New Ingredients, Processes, Products

Expanded Emphasis:

Challenges of a Changing Regulatory Environment
Novel Cost Saving Approaches
Fewer Mixes: More Products, Yield Improvements
Water Ices: More Ice; Less Icy
Frozen Yogurts & Greek-Style Yogurts, Gelato
Formulating No Sugars Added and true Sugar-Free Products
Hybrid, Plant-based and other Non-Standard Products
Novel Formulations; Novelties
Troubleshooting: Where to start? What to do?

Independent and non-commercial

The course is designed for those technical (product development, quality assurance, production) and non-technical (marketing, sales, finance, general management) professionals both new to the business and with multiple years experience. This includes suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

Over 500 companies from more than 60 countries have selected Tharp & Young On Ice Cream for their ice cream training needs.
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